Simple Guide to Toxic Mold Law │+Personal Legal Care+

Simple Guide to Toxic Mold Law │+Personal Legal Care+

Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A., Attorney │+Personal Legal Care+

Simple Guide to Toxic Mold Law│+Personal Legal Care+ 


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Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A. Attorney │ +Personal Legal Care+


Simple Guide to Toxic Mold Law │+Personal Legal Care+



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Toxic Mold  Law Overview

Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A. Attorney provides this Simple Guide to Toxic Mold Law to help people learn a few basic concepts about Florida toxic mold. I use the term "toxic mold" to describe the effect that mold has on some people. Not every person exposed to the same mold environment will react the same way. In some cases, the physical reaction to the mold may be quite severe. In my practice, I divide mold law into four main areas: building envelope, mold assessing, mold remediation, and simple guide to mold cases.

Building Envelope

When I speak of the building envelope, I mean the skin of building that separates the inside of the building from the environment outdoors. I usually have at least one building expert, such as a general contractor who is also a certified engineer, examine the building envelope and see where moisture intrudes into places it does not belong. The moisture intrusion often arises from a construction defect, allowing water into the building.

Mold Assessor

The mold assessor holds a valid, current Florida license to perform mold testing. I like to see air samples and other samples taken from different places in the building. If you can see mold-looking stuff in a particular place inside the building, it may be in less obvious places as well. I have seen mold completely infest a house, growing on the walls, under windows, under sinks, and in different rooms. The mold assessor usually provides report of the types of mold found, the levels of mold found, and recommendations for remediation. Please recall that under Florida law, the mold assessor cannot do the remediation in most cases.

Mold Remediation

The mold remediation person holds a current, valid Florida license for mold remediation. They must work closely with other experts to be sure that the moisture problem has been solved. They work to correct the moisture problem and also take appropriate measures to be sure the mold present has been thoroughly removed. This work can be fairly difficult and requires careful attention to air pressures, access to the affected areas, appropriate precautions for everyone entering the mold environment, and being sure that safety and security comes first. Only after a clean post-remediation test from the mold assessor can one certify that the mold problem has been resolved.

Simple Guide to Toxic Mold Law

I have provided a simple guide to toxic mold elsewhere. I will summarize here that anyone exposed to toxic mold should seek immediate medical attention if they experience any symptoms. Problems with children exposed to toxic mold may be worse in the long run. I urge people to put their health firs. If possible and wise, have mold testing done early. I prefer an expert conduct such testing. At all times, be sure to document everything in detail, with a log, pictures, and videos. Great evidence leads to great results. Mold cases take time and effort, plus coordination with a team of experts. Those experts often must be prepared to battle with other experts in court. Proving that personal injuries arose from mold exposure may be challenging at times. All means of dispute resolution should be considered and all reasonable options exercised in resolving the case.

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Brevard County Towns, Cities, Municipalities, Places

Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A. Attorney provides personal legal care and toxic mold attorney services to the following places:

Barefoot Bay │ Zip Codes │ 3296 │32927 │ 32949

Unincorporated Area

Canaveral Groves │ Zip Codes │ 32926 │
Population: 9,808

Cape Canaveral │ Zip Codes │ 32920
Population: 10,352


Cocoa │ Zip Codes │ 32922 │ 32923 │32924 │ 32926 │ 32927
Population: 18,102

Cocoa  West │ Zip Codes │ 32926
Population: 5,925

Cocoa Beach │ Zip Codes │ 32931 │ 32922
Population: 11,761

Cocoa Village │ Zip Codes │ 32922
Unincorporated Area

Courtenay │ Zip Codes │ 32953
Unincorporated Area

Eau Gallie │ Zip Codes │ 32901 │32902 │32904 │ 32912 │ 32919 │ 32934 │32935 │32936 │ 32940 │ 32941
Population: 114,203

Floridana Beach │ Zip Codes │ 32951
Unincorporated Area

Grant-Valkaria │ Zip Codes │ 32949
Population: 4,150

Indialantic │ Zip Codes │ 32903
Population: 2,890

Indian Harbour Beach │ Zip Codes │ 32937
Population: 8,586

June Park │ Zip Codes │ 32904
Population: 4.094

Malabar │ Zip Codes │ 32950
Population: 3,007

Melbourne │ Zip Codes │ 32901 │ 32902 │ 32903 │32904 │ 32905 │ 32906 │ 32907 │ 32908 │ 32909 │ 32910 │ 32911 │ 32912  │ 32934 │ 32935 │ 32936 │ 32937 │ 32940 │ 32941 │ 32951
Population: 81,185

Melbourne Beach │ Zip Code │32951
Population: 3,276

Melbourne Shores │ Zip Codes │ 32951
Unincorporated Area

Merritt Island │ Zip Codes │32952 │ 32953 │ 32954
Population: 34,743

Micco │ 32976
Populaiton: 9,052

Mims │ Zip Codes │ 32754 │ 32796
Population: 7,058

Palm Bay │ Zip Codes │ 32905 │ 32906 │ 32907 │32908 │ 32909 │ 32910 │ 32911 │ 32912
Population: 110,104

Palm Shores │ Zip Codes │ 32935
Population: 1,242

Patrick Air Force Base │ Zip Code │ 32925
Population: 1,222

Port Canaveral │ Zip Codes │ 32920
Population: 10,352

Port St. John │ Zip Codes │ 32927
Population: 12.267

Rockledge │ Zip Codes │ 32955 │ 32956
Population: 27,068

Satellite Beach, FL 32937
Population: 10,832

Scottsmoor │ Zip Codes │32775
Unincorporate Area

Sharpes │ Zip Codes │ 32959
Population: 3,411