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I have drafted many contracts for businesses, corporations, individuals, and employees. I drat many kinds of contracts and I have litigated contracts in court. Taking the time to draft contracts today often pays legal dividends in the future. 

Employment Agreements

I have drafted many types of employment agreements for individuals, employees, employers, and various business entities. Carefully drafted employment agreements can provide many benefits both today and tomorrow.

Business Matters

New Business

I have drafted contracts to help new businesses start off with clear and enforceable legal agreements. A sound contract for sales, leasing, construction, or other business or personal relationship helps clarify the rigthts and obligations of the parties.

Corporations and Limited Liability Companies

Corporations must follow corporate formalities and keep careful records. Learning how to start a business should include learning about the basics for that business. You often need documents for the business entity and for the work that it performs.

General Counsel


I enjoy watching small businesses grow into very large businesses. Not every business will succeed, but careful legal planning may help to avoid some of the pitfalls of no legal planning at all. Shareholder agreements, By-Laws, and other corporate documents can help clear things up for the business.

Family Business

In my law practice, some of the worst fights I have seen have been family fights concerning a business. In some instances, a succession plan may have made a positive difference.  

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