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By grace through faith I accepted the free gift of salvation from Jesus Christ. My life changed forever. I urge you to visit the website Attorney in Christ to learn more about starting a new life with real hope for the future and daily strength for living.



Diploma (1974), Satellite High School, Satellite Beach, Florida

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology (1977), University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida

Master of Divinity, Systematic Theology (1980), Talbot Theological Seminary, La Mirada, California

Master of Science in Counseling (1980), California State University, Fullerton, Fullerton, California

Doctor of Philosophy, Psychology of Religion (1988), Baylor University, Waco, Texas

Juris Doctor (with Honors), University of Florida (1990), Gainesville, Florida

 Practice Experience 

I have practiced law since 1990, after being born and raised in Brevard County, Florida.  I have handled many types of civil cases, and have litigated cases in many parts of Florida in both Federal and State Courts.  I have experience with formal administration, trust administration, summary administration, ancillary administration, and other forms of probate administration. I have handled probate cases in North Florida, Central Florida and South Florida. 





Legal services

Legal work requires time and effort. I seek to Make every Moment Count. I strive to resolve issues and avoid problems.

I have practiced Law in Brevard County since 1990 and gained experience in many areas of law. If you have a legal problem, please Contact Me at 321.779.1211. I answer my own phone to provide +Personal Legal Care+.

Probate in Florida may take several forms. If the value of the estate assets is fairly small, then we may be able to avoid formal administration. I recommend that we sit down and review your situation and form a plan to settle the estate. 321.779.1211.

Summary Administration may speed up the probate process, but not every estate qualifies for summary administration.  Even so, the probate process takes weeks, and perhaps months and years. For details, call 321.779.1211.

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